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Layout and Props

The Cremation of Sam McGee

In 1907 Robert W.  Service wrote the poem "The cremation of Sam McGee" about 2 prospectors in the Yukon region of Alaska during the gold rush. As one of the prospectors (Sam McGee) passes away from the severe cold, his dying wish is to be cremated so he could feel warmth on his body one last time. His friend was intent on carrying out Sam's final request, unaware of the supernatural occurrences that were yet to come. For this spooky story I decided to  emphasize the ghostly nature and used smoke as a major influence in how I designed shapes. Here are the layout and assets for the lake where Sam McGee was cremated and the furnace that was used as his crematorium.

Trees Layout BW.jpg
snow trees2.jpg
1 copy.jpg

Himalayan Shrine

These layouts are based on a story that takes place deep in the forests of the Himalayan mountains, where a girl lived with her grandmother who had grown ill from a mysterious ailment. In search of the fabled magic herbs which could be fashioned into a medicine for her grandmother, the girl happened upon a mysterious shrine instead. Depicted here is the shrine in the forest and the interior of grandmother's home.

Himalayan shrine BW.jpg
10 copy 2 copy.jpg

Cowboy Bebop: Bazaar

For my project centered around Cowboy Bebop's planet Venus, I designed a bazaar which functions as a black market in a poor neighborhood in the capital city of Venus. In this city gangs are a huge part of the culture, from low level street gangs to the sophisticated mafia who hold important seats in the city's government. This black market is the hub of most buying and selling of illegal goods, including the rare Grey Ash plant which is used to cure the mysterious "Venus sickness" which affects many citizens of this planet.

23 copy.jpg
12- Bazaar Scene Lighting (Night).jpg
13- Bazaar Lighting + Color (Day).jpg

Cowboy Bebop: Bridge Between Neighborhoods

For my project centered around Cowboy Bebop's planet Venus, I designed this layout of a scene showing what the border between two neighborhoods within the city would look like. The purpose of this scene is to show the extreme differences between the neighborhoods, as well of the tension created by their differences and leadership. One neighborhood is a poor slum, divided up and run by street gangs, and the other . is a section of the mafia crime syndicate, wealthy and flaunting the latest technology.

07 copy.jpg
04- Final Comp value copy.jpg

Cat and Mouse

This layout was done for a story about a cat from a small Italian fishing village who escapes on a gondola the city of Venice where he becomes an unwilling participant in saving the city from a rat infestation. In this scene, he is getting friendly with the rats, haggling over goods he has burgled from other cats and humans in the richer neighborhoods.

Underbelly_Drawing_4 copy.jpg
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