Cowboy Bebop: Venus

Cowboy Bebop was an animated TV show about a group of bounty hunters set in a futurist cyberpunk world full of gangs, hackers, and villains. Throughout the show, our bounty hunters only visited the planet Venus in one episode. For this project I expanded on the world of Venus in ways that they did not have the opportunity to in its single episode. I took stylistic influence from games like Destiny and Horizon Zero Dawn to conceptualize this planet as if it were to be made into game level.

The Cremation of Sam McGee

In 1907 Robert W.  Service wrote the poem "The cremation of Sam McGee" about 2 prospectors in the Yukon region of Alaska during the gold rush. As one of the prospectors (Sam McGee) passes away from the severe cold, his dying wish is to be cremated so he could feel warmth on his body one last time. His friend was intent on carrying out Sam's final request, unaware of the supernatural occurrences that were yet to come. For this spooky story I decided to  emphasize the ghostly nature and used smoke as a major influence in how I designed shapes. Here are the layout and assets for the lake where Sam McGee was cremated and the furnace that was used as his crematorium.